The Easiest Way to Find a Remote Job in Tech


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Recently, I have been reading a lot of buzz around women in the tech industry. Although this is not my professional path, I find the ever-changing state of tech a fascinating topic to follow. I recently came across PowerToFly , a site that connects women in tech to remote job opportunities. I was initially attracted to the flexibility of remote work. Unfortunately, my current position does not afford this possibility, but I have always seen it as a luxury and avenue to be more productive (hypothetically speaking if I were offered a remote position, of course).


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Digging around online, I learned that the founders created this company after having their children and balancing work from home in the first months after giving birth. A realization that they did not want to leave their children to go back to work and that they were in fact productive at home when balancing both duties. According to their Linkedin page, “PowerToFly connects women to great jobs that actually promote work-life balance. We place highly skilled talent, who live all around the world, at amazing companies like BuzzFeed, Hearst, and RebelMouse.” PowerToFly has a simple 4 step process for women seeking remote positions in tech.


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Recently, job seekers have turned to Linkedin to seek out job opportunities. PowerToFly is yet another resource if you are seeking work in tech. Even if you are not a mother or you are someone with at-home demands that could use your attention during the day, browse PowerToFly. Now if only they could expand to all industries!


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