“Barely Different”: a photo series of unconditional sisterly love

In this heartwarming photo series, mom and photographer Anna Larson captures moments of her young daughters who are adopted sisters and share an amazingly strong bond. Anna knew that she wanted to adopt a child from Ethipoia to grow her family, and in these photos she depicts that love has no boundaries. It began two years ago when Anna started taking pictures of her young daughters, Semenesh and Haven, and what developed was a beautiful story of sisterly love.

As Anna explains, “When we grow beside another, our similarities bloom. It’s not skin that makes us different, or that causes separation and distance…no, it’s lack of unity.”

“Barely Different”, by Anna Larson

“Barely Different”, by Anna Larson

Anna also says: “Two souls birthed on the opposite sides of the world, were brought close through adoption, and their bond is great because of unity. It’s opened my eyes to the potential we have to love and accept one another as brothers and sisters, just as they do.”

Check out the full photo series of “Barely Different” here.


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