Life Lessons I Learned at Stagecoach


The road to Stagecoach is definitely paved in dust! My husband and I went to the three day country music festival this past weekend for the first time and had a blast. We rented a house with friends and caravanned to the festival each day. We sprung for standing-only tickets. Although it was nice to be intimate with the artists, it was not so nice having to stand for 7+ hours in the dust and heat. I did enjoy the freedom of being able to spend time in the other sections as well and walking from stage to stage to see the acts I set up on my personalized schedule in the Stagecoach app. Day one we were amateurs, but by day three we were pros!


It was encouraging to watch so many talented ladies perform each day, many at various stages of their career. On the second day, the reigning Queen of country music, Miranda Lambert, empowered the women in the audience by uniting us all in singing her female-driven anthems. Most notably, she kicked off her set with vintage videos showcasing female heroes such as Aviator Amelia Earhart (who set women’s speed records in the 1930s), Olympic Gold Medalist Wilma Rudolph (during the 1960s she was considered the fastest woman in the world), and other pioneering women considered fast in their craft to set up the next song “Fastest Girl in Town.” Even though the importance of this montage was to serve as a precursor to the next song, it was a powerful message from the only female headliner.

2015 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival - Day 2

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Beyond feeling empowered by Miranda’s show, I also learned a number of life lessons from my three days at Stagecoach:

  1. Wear SPF 100 and you will not get sunburned. (A miracle I didn’t burn!)
  2. Moleskin is your best friend when wearing cowboy boots for 3 days straight.
  3. When your friend offers a bandana to cover your face because the dirt & wind are crazy, take it!
  4. Just because the young kids are doing it = ample opportunity to snap pics to send the craziness to your friends i.e. cut off shorts that posed as underwear on girls, a guy wearing a Kelly Kapowski speedo.
  5. Definitely try the catering (delicious!) and drink your adult bev of choice before entering (1. They’re expensive inside and 2. It’ll keep you cool. Only spending $7 on day two for a slice of pizza – priceless).
  6. Download the Stagecoach app and arrive early at least one day to walk around utilizing their map; after all, it is a festival with vendors and tents offering free goodies.
  7. Take advantage of the many photo ops – most importantly, at some point turn around towards the sunset and take a picture of the beautiful sky!
  8. Bring all the necessary props: cowboy hat, boots, bandana, flannel, and American flag paraphernalia.
  9. Take advantage of the water refill stations placed throughout the festival by bringing an empty bottle with you each day.
  10. Most importantly, make sure the house you’re renting or the hotel you’re staying at has a Jacuzzi. Your tired feet and muscles will thank you at the end of the day!



I am a born and raised California girl who grew up in Los Angeles. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in sunny San Diego, I planted roots with my new husband and French Bulldog puppy.  I hold a Master’s in Education and have spent a majority of my professional career in Higher Education. I enjoy traveling, learning, cooking, wine, Pilates, attending concerts and reading for both my book clubs.

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