The Best Mother’s Day Gift

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As we approach Mother’s Day, if you are unfamiliar with the “A Letter to My…” series, this is the perfect time to check it out. A Letter to My Mom is a recently published book of letters written to mothers by everyday people and children, sprinkled with the occasional celebrity. After reading several letters, it made me realize that there is a lot I have not given my Mother credit for in raising my sister and I alone after my Father passed away when we were children. Whether I have expressed these feelings or not, seeing the notes encourage me to sit down and put my thoughts to paper as a gift for her this Mother’s Day.

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Inspire the woman who inspires you by sharing the bond you have. Although the book is an added bonus, take the time and Write a Letter to your Mom. It is a heartfelt opportunity to say all the things you have been meaning to say, or share all the sentiments you have said a million times. Plus, it will make a great Mother’s Day gift!

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