Trendy on a Budget: No More Tights

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I am so over wearing black tights to work. It’s just about May. Why am I still wearing tights?! In protest, I am wearing pants. Ok, less of a protest and more because I tore through my stash of black tights and they all are currently in the hamper. Which reminds me I have a lot of laundry to do. Any-who, between the color and fit, these are my fave pair of work pants (here, here). And you know how I feel about blending into a sea of corporate suits. I don’t!

I like to mix and match blazers and pants to create my own version of a suit. It’s pretty rare that I’ll wear a full matching suit. Whenever possible, I add a bold color or a dash of print (or sometimes both!) to keep things fresh and interesting. These blue pants check off the ‘bold color’ box and the skinny leopard belt covers the ‘print’ requirement. And now that it is technically Spring, I swapped out my black go-to Longchamp for this graphic tote. Another easy way to add an element of color and print without going completely overboard. Oh, and this top. It’s the latest addition to the wardrobe. This will be a life saver come this Summer. Why? Because it’s the perfect layering piece. Totally perfect for the walk (err, drive) to work in the sweltering heat and work appropriate in the office with a cardi/blazer to combat the freezing office temps. Seriously, why is it always so cold? Not only does this sleeveless number relive me of the bulk that is a common issue with long-sleeve layering, it also removes the anxiety of picking out the perfect sparkler to top of the outfit thanks to the embellished necline. One less thing to think about in the A.M. Alleluia!

What are some of your tips and tricks to keeping your work outfits fun and playful?

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