5 Ways to be Productive This Spring

This winter was tough.  The snow in the Northeast just kept piling up and people were becoming restless.  Luckily, we have turned a corner.  The last of the snow banks are melting and everyone is racing outside after being cooped up for months.

Here are some tips to kickstart your spring and help you get ready to take on the summer with full force:

1) De-Clutter

We have all heard of Spring cleaning, but your house may not be the only thing that needs to be cleansed.  Spring is a great time to weed through your closet and evaluate what you want to keep and what you don’t need anymore.  Didn’t wear that old sweater all Winter?  Get rid or it and make room for something new.  Take what you don’t want to your local Goodwill or host a clothing swap with friends.

What else could use some de-cluttering?  Your social media accounts.  Get rid of people who bring negativity to your newsfeed or that drive you nuts with Candy Crush invites.

2) Get Active

After being stuck in the house all winter, there is nothing better than going outside for some fresh air and Vitamin D.  Even taking a brisk walk or run around the block can be beneficial for your mental health and your waistline.  Spring is also a great time to get that bike tuned up, join an intramural team, or try a class at the newest fitness studio in town.

3) Make a Summer To-Do List

Summer is right around the corner and usually comes and goes at the blink of an eye.  Calendars start to fill up quickly so it is important to make plans ahead of time.  Write a list down of activities you want to take part in and start chatting with friends about actually making them happen.  Having events to look forward to can help motivate you to have a productive and fun rest of the year.

4) Volunteer or Pay it Forward

Helping others can be a major mood booster, which is why volunteering can help lift away your winter blues.  Sign up for a beach clean-up, assist at a road race, or help out at a local animal shelter.  Too busy to devote this much time?  Try paying it forward by leaving someone an extra tip or buying the person behind you a coffee when in the drive-through line.  These little things can greatly improve someone’s day and leave you feeling pretty good yourself.

5) Stay Organized

It’s always better to keep up than to catch up, so staying on top of your cleaning and to-do lists will allow you to have more time for fun and assist with keeping your mind clear.


korinaAfter graduating from the University of New Hampshire, I ventured out to San Diego, CA where I started my professional career as an Executive Assistant, earned my Master’s in Organizational Management, started a blog and soaked up all the sun and sand that SoCal had to offer. After four years, I am now back in New England looking for new opportunities in Boston.  I enjoy the beach, hiking, traveling, volunteering, cooking, reading and learning/trying new things.

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