The top 13 companies for women in tech

If there’s anything the Ellen Pao trial showed, it’s that sexism is still alive in Silicon Valley. But some tech companies are trying to change that.

The Anita Borg Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women in technology, has released a study on the top companies in the world for female technologists. It analyzed 35 companies with a combined workforce of more than 435,000 technical employees, 91,000 of which were women. ABI also measured the representation of women at entry, mid, senior and executive levels, as well as the recruitment and promotion of women.

The list boiled down to 13 tech companies. Which one took the coveted top spot?

That would be BNY Mellon, an investment company in New York City. Check out the list below to find out which other companies made the cut (ranked alphabetically after BNY Mellon, not based on score).


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1. BNY Mellon

Though the rest of the list isn’t ranked by order, BNY Mellon was ABI’s No. 1 pick for top companies for female technologists.

“The valued participation of women at all levels of our technical workforce drives new approaches to the industry-leading services and solutions BNY Mellon’s clients expect throughout the investment lifecycle,” BNY chief information officer Lucille Mayer tells ABI.

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