Dove Does It Again With the Choose Beautiful Campaign


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Dove released yet another thought-provoking campaign last week – Choose Beautiful – to set forth the notion that beauty is a choice.

The encouraging experiment poses an important question: Would you describe yourself as beautiful?

In the video, women are confronted with two doors to walk through – “average” or “beautiful”. We see some struggle to decide. Some confidently walking towards one door over the other and one woman in particular that chooses to walk away. My heart sank when I saw her walk the opposite direction of the doors. It made me think that to be given the choice and to be asked to respond to that question publicly, I am sure for some, is nerve-wracking. I know I would not have thought twice about walking through the average door myself.

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This is another entry in Dove’s beauty library and one that holds a powerful message of acceptance and love. Society is constantly preaching that women should positively accept ourselves as we are, yet publicly making the choice to feel that good about oneself for some reason is a difficult pill to swallow for some. We need to think about how we see ourselves and those around us. Sometimes in the video,  a woman encourages a friend or loved one to walk through the beautiful door. Imagine how easy the decision would be if we could see ourselves as others do! Everyone has a different definition of beautiful and we should all feel empowered that the choice is up to us.

Do you choose beautiful?

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