How One Woman Uses YouTube to Make a Living and a Difference



YouTube was founded in 2005 for users to create, share, and watch videos. Since then, the site has exploded will all sorts of videos from documentaries, to interviews, to funny clips of cats.

Today, some users even make a generous living from the videos on their channel.

One of these successful YouTubers is Cassey Ho, the woman behind the popular Blogiltates channel.

Watch the video below to learn about Cassey’s success story:

Blogilates is a fitness channel that features full-length POP Pilates workout videos.

But what sets Cassey’s channel apart from the hundreds of other fitness channels?

1. She Really Opens Up to Her POPsters

Cassey is never shy when it comes to sharing her fears, her accomplishments, and her dreams with her followers. She exposes her true self  with love, and her viewers follow her back with just as much enthusiasm.

2. She Never Lets her Channel become a Negative Environment

Cassey ensures that every workout is new, effective, and fun. She asks her fans what they want, and she delivers.  Check out her videos where she talks about positive body image, dealing with cruel comments, and how to make easy, healthy recipes.

3. She is Sincere

Sometimes YouTubers use a different persona online, but not Cassey! I met her at a book-signing in Boston and she was the exact same bubbly, enthusiastic woman as she is online.

photo (10)

Meeting Cassey Ho of Blogilates in Boston, Ma.


I discovered Cassey’s Blogilates channel in October 2014. I began with one of her beginner videos, and quickly downloaded her free app to have access to her monthly workout calendars.

I recommend checking out her channel if you are interested in learning more about health, working out from home, and positive body image.

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