Meet the Winner of the 2015 Coolest College Start-up

Each year Inc. has a “March Madness” style contest to determine what college entrepreneur has the coolest start-up business. I am excited to announce that the winner is….

Ava Anderson of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic !



Here’s a bit about Ava’s story from her website:

When Ava was 14, she saw a television program that explained the dangerous toxins in beauty products that are making us all sick. She quickly decided that she wanted to start using products that did not include these harmful poisons.

Unfortunately, after an unsuccessful trip to the health food store, she realized that these safe products that she wanted where not on the market.

So what did she do? Ava spent months researching, and finally decided that she had to create her own products. After meeting with a manufacturer through a family friend, Ava’s business was launched in 2009.

Her business has a similar set up to Mary Kay or other home party businesses, but her customers can be sure that the products are 100% non-toxic and absolutely safe for your family, pets, and the environment.



I first learned about Ava Anderson Non-Toxic in 2014. The products and message were so amazing that I quickly signed up to be a consultant. After my experience with their company and after using Ava’s amazing products, I am so happy to see that she is the winner of the 2015 Coolest College Startup. She definitely deserves it!

Check out Ava’s Facebook page!

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