Dove’s One Beautiful Thought Will Have You Thinking Twice About Yourself

Dove is back with yet another ad campaign that has us reaching for our tissues and re-evaluating how we talk about body image.

This time around, Dove is asking that we share #OneBeautifulThought. As in, one positive feeling about our bodies, instead of the negativity we usually direct toward ourselves.

Created by Dove France, the script for this ad was made by asking women on the street to record their most personal thoughts about their bodies, according to FastCoCreate.

In the video, albeit staged, we see how these women reacted when they heard their thoughts read out loud. Or rather, the actresses put into these women’s shoes.

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WILAB LOVES is a series of articles and blog posts from across the web that Women’s iLab supports. This article was written by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues and published on HUFFINGTONPOST.CA on March 16, 2015.