Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Savvy Biz Boss?


Have you started your own company or are you flirting with the idea?

Are you in the early stages of building your brand and need support from other entrepreneurs?

Has your company hit a plateau?

Fresh out of ideas?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have just the place for you: Savvy Biz Club.


I am a part of this influential community of female entrepreneurs and would be doing you a disservice for not letting you in on this hidden gem. I initially found out about Savvy Biz Club through creator Jessica DeBry’s website Jessica Lauren DeBry | Live the Simple Savvy Healthy life!

After completing her cleanse program before my wedding (a story for another time!), I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica to talk Savvy Biz Club for the women we may welcome into our #SavvyBizBoss world

SBC journalfrom

What is the motivation behind creating the Savvy Biz Club?

Savvy Biz Club was created out of my own obstacles of entrepreneurship, and knowing that I’m not the only one that goes through the ups-and-downs of being a business owner. I created the club with one main objective: to have a space where other female entrepreneurs could come together to support, network, and collaborate with each other.

I have a saying: “Individually we are strong; together we are unstoppable.” I’ve been fortunate to have success with my own entrepreneurial endeavors, but I know that by bringing our minds together, we can take over the world!

Who would benefit from joining the Savvy Biz Club?

Nearly anyone! We have members from all industries and at all stages of business. Some of our SBC members are simply curious about starting a business, others are just starting out, and some have already seen success. No matter where you’re at, our group welcomes you in with open arms, and our SBC resources can be applicable to nearly all fields of business.

What can we expect when we join?

Right away, once you become a member, you are officially a #SavvyBizBoss. So look out world!

All Savvy Biz Club members have access to members-only resources like videos and live webinars. They are also invited into our private SBC Facebook group, where we all get-together online to support and mastermind with one another.

Describe the profile of a #SavvyBizBoss. 

A #SavvyBizBoss is a smart and soul-centered entrepreneur who runs her business like she runs her life: with passion and purpose!

Consider this your invite!


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