To the Cruel Disease That Tried to Break Me: You Failed

Dear Dysferlinopathy,

I bet you thought you could break me.

You came into my life after I graduated from college, an unwelcome visitor when I was just beginning to experience all the world had to offer. You took the dreams I had for my life and threw them to the ground. Spit on them. Buried them in the same dirt I would fall facedown on years later.

You attacked my muscles slowly at first, just subtly enough for me to shrug it off as laziness and fatigue. I would work out hard, but you kept coming back harder. Eventually I would learn that the more I tried to preserve my muscle mass, the more you would destroy my muscle cells. You’re a cruel disease. You killed my cells when I was active. You killed my cells when I was inactive.

Three years ago, you almost broke my spirit. Falling face-first onto the sidewalk for the first time – you almost had me. The gravel, the blood on my hands, the torn jeans — those were minor inconveniences compared to the emotional toll it took on me. I’ve never felt so down in my life.

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HeadshotChris Anselmo is a first year full-time MBA student at Boston College. Prior to business school, Chris was senior analyst at Ad Tech startup, Visible Measures. Chris is also active in the muscular dystrophy community as a blogger and patient advocate.
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