The Spotlight is On: Women’s iLab Interview with Lauren Lockwood, Boston’s First-Ever Chief Digital Officer



Women’s iLab is excited to introduce Lauren Lockwood, the City of Boston’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer. After graduating from Harvard’s School of Business, Lockwood knew she wanted to make a difference in the world of technology. Although she had been involved with startups and was once a female entrepreneur herself, Lockwood decided to go a different route by tackling the huge responsibility of working with the City of Boston. The founders of Women’s iLab, Tara Chang and Katrina Melesciuc, sat down with Lockwood to hear her story. The team gained some important insight into her goals, visions, and plans for the future of tech, women, and Boston.

Here are a few highlights from Lockwood’s interview with Women’s iLab:

 1. Digital is the Name of the Game

Our world is changing on every level because of technology. Education is different, dating is different, and business is different. Lockwood said of the ever-changing tech in the business world, “You don’t have a choice about whether to adapt. Technology spreads more information and allows us to better serve the people.” Engaging actively on social media, websites, blogs, and other forums is essential for success.

2. It’s Important to Walk the Walk

An easy way to become inspired is to attend business meetups or tech startup events. Lockwood made a point to emphasis that you can’t just stop there, though. It is imperative that you take the inspiration you have and do something concrete with it. She said of her attitude toward these sort of events, “I’m energized…So now what do I do about it?” Lockwood was excited to share that a lot of these events are becoming more workshop based so that attendees can leave with tangible inspiration, change, and networking.

3. Take Small Steps to Achieve Big Things

When asked what changes she anticipates for the City of Boston, Lockwood shared her goal to make small changes and do everything well. She plans to improve the website, make the city more accessible to its citizens through online engagements, and better brand the city as a great business platform, booming with talent.

4. Human Connection is Critical

Although technology is becoming more and more relevant, Lockwood pointed out that the secret of real business success lies in networking, communication, and meetups. She emphasized the importance of face to face conversations, learning how to listen, and networking whenever possible.

5. Things are Looking Up For Women

When asked about the future for female leadership and participation in technology and business, Lockwood said, “I’m optimistic.” She sees improvement coming in two steps:

  • Shine light on the issue: The first step to fix a problem is admitting that there is one. It is important to share the gravity of this problem with others, because it inspires everyone, which leads to the next step….
  • Create relationships and support each other: The second step is banding together with like-minded people and empowering each other to make small improvements.

Lockwood suggested investing time going to meetups, networking online, and just having conversations with the people around you.


The Women’s iLab mission is to empower women in business/tech through our educational, inspirational and thought-provoking content lines up perfectly with Lauren Lockwood’s vision for the future of both women and the City of Boston. We will all be interested to watch what Lockwood accomplishes with her time as Boston’s Chief Digital Officer.

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