Recap of San Diego Women’s Week, March 16-20th

Last week was San Diego Women’s Week, where each day offered fun-filled events such as makeovers, fashion shows, wine & food tasting, networking and panels all culminating in an Inspiration Conference on Friday. According to their site, “San Diego Women’s Week is a week of dynamic speakers and events designed to inspire, empower, and connect women of all ages and professions.” Throughout the week we heard from notable speakers such as Mallika Chopra, Naomi Tutu, among several others.
This event caught my eye because I have attended only one women’s conference previously and most importantly, one of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin, was scheduled to speak. After learning she was speaking at the Inspiration Conference, my colleague and I decided to attend. I am so glad we did; we had a blast! We met women from all walks of life and were able to network in between speakers. Among the speakers were two panels; one of influential women sharing their secrets from the top and the other of empowering women discussing if it is possible for professional women to have it all. Both of which offered good insight from women at entry level positions as well as seasoned vets. We also heard from the following speakers:
Dr. Akiko Mikamo whose parents survived the Hiroshima bombing – “You can’t judge people by your emotional reactions” 
Tiffany Mester on keeping girls safe from sex trafficking 
Gretchen Rubin on her new book about the study of habits – “Start the way you want to continue”
Candy Cumming on calorie traps and nutrition mishaps
Dr. Alicia Gwynn on her life with Tony Gwynn – “Take on what you can handle and not any more”
Susan Packard on new rules of the game for women in the workplace – “Your career is a marathon, not a sprint”
Kim Coles on being your authentic self – “10/10/10 rule; is this going to matter in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years from now”
I left the conference feeling inspired about where I am in my personal life and empowered to achieve more professionally. It was a day well spent away from the office to focus on personal and professional development among other successful women. I look forward to being a part of this community and attending events in the future.


I am a born and raised California girl who grew up in Los Angeles. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in sunny San Diego, I planted roots with my new husband and French Bulldog puppy.  I hold a Master’s in Education and have spent a majority of my professional career in Higher Education. I enjoy traveling, learning, cooking, wine, Pilates, attending concerts and reading for both my book clubs.

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