What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self? #DearMe

Last week for International Women’s Day, YouTube launched a #DearMe campaign where women could share wisdom, love, and advice with their younger selves. Check out the honest and inspirational video below:

There are a few reasons why I loved this video:

1. It Really Hits Home

When I was a growing up, I  many insecurities. I tried on different personalities. Sometimes I was loud, but other times I let shyness stifle my persona completely. I compared myself to other people…
Now, looking back on it, I wish I felt the confidence that I feel now.

2. It Shows Me that We are All a Team

Often times internal insecurities and fears isolate us, making us feel all alone. This video showed me how universal these feelings really are for women. It reminded me that even those of us that seem perfect and put together still struggle. This reminds me of the quote: “Always be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

3. It Makes Me See the Benefit of Growing Older 

Often we think that growing older means wrinkles, but this shows that growing older means wisdom. As time passed, these women found happiness because they learned to embrace, encourage, and empower themselves. They are showing younger girls that there is hope for them to have the same confidence and self-love in their futures.

What would you like to tell your younger self?

About the Author: Norah Kearneyunnamed

I am currently a junior at Webster University of St. Louis, Missouri. I’m working on my BA in English with a focus on creative writing. I plan to use my degree for writing, editing, teaching, or a bit of all three.

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