Where to Find Your Own Version of Cinderella’s Perfect Glass Slippers

Cinderella had her priorities all mixed up. I fully support her goal to pull herself out of abject poverty and escape from her horrible step family…but leaving that glass slipper on the stairs? I think not.

Let me explain. Look down at your feet right now. How comfortable are the shoes you are wearing? Think about all the pairs of shoes you own. How many of them really ‘fit’? How many pairs could you dance the night away in, without blisters and pain? I’d venture to say, not very many. So if you had a pair of custom glass slippers that your fairy godmother molded to fit your feet, why on earth would you leave one on the stairs as you dashed out of a ball? You wouldn’t! Rags be dammed, take care of that slipper!

My friend recently told me about a company named True Gault, which was founded by Sandra Gault, an amazing entrepreneur with an interesting background in technology. After attending RIT for her undergraduate degree, followed by the University of Rochester for her graduate degree, Sandra completed an apprenticeship to learn the old-fashioned art of shoe cobbling.

Then Sandra saw an opportunity to help her fellow women stand tall in the work place. We all understand the importance of looking good, but women are often at a distinct disadvantage. How can we look good, feel confident, and outrun our male counterparts while we totter around, wincing in pain because our feet hurt?

Yes, we could resort to flats and I have no issue with that. But why shouldn’t we be able to wear fabulous shoes AND be comfortable while we do it?

In order to address this issue, the world of True Gault shoes was born.

Founder Sandra Gault. Photo from truegault.com

Founder Sandra Gault. Photo from truegault.com

What does this mean for you (and me)? It means, perfect fit shoes, designed by you! You want conservative two inch black heels, they make them. If you want four inch sparkly silver slippers (aka Cinderella style), you can have them too!

I decided that I needed to find out for myself if this company was finally a dream come true.

On a cold, rainy, New York night, I attended a True Gault ‘fitting event’. I hopped up on a pedestal (as all princesses-in-hiding do) and both of my feet were scanned. I was then asked if I thought my feet were wide or narrow. Ahhh normal? Nope. It turns out that my feet are wide at the toes and narrow at the heel. Who knew? Maybe this is why wearing gorgeous shoes has always been a challenge!

Next was style and fabric choice. Red, blue, taupe, leather, fabric, pumps, sandals, booties…. I was able to design my own pair of shoes!! And the best part: if I don’t LOVE them, they will remake them for free so that I do love them. And unlike when I go to DSW and buy a pair that appears comfortable, if I wear them down a New York street and after 45 minutes decide I don’t really like them, I can get them fixed! Pure bliss. This really could be the perfect pair of shoes.

Photo from TrueGault.com

But with prices starting at $450, I can hear you saying ‘this aint cheap’. Of course, I agree, but consider how many pairs of shoes you own, versus the number of pairs that you actually enjoy wearing (and feel great in). You probably only need one pair of great heels, a pair of flats, boots for winter and a cute pair of heeled booties. It is well worth looking into.

As for now, I’m waiting for my shoes to arrive. I’ve been told that someone (my fairy godmother perhaps?) will deliver my shoes and ensure the perfect fit. I can hardly contain my excitement. Forget Prince Charming…. Go for the shoes that will make you feel like a million bucks.

About the Author: Rachel Calomeni RachelColemeni

I love throwing myself into projects; whether it be leading my sales team at Visible Measures or organizing a charity auction. After spending fourteen years marketing for P&G and a few years in pharma, I moved into a sales role and I travel the country helping brands develop and promote their branded content. I am a mother of two beautiful girls. l believe in leading by example and being a strong female role model. I was born and raised in Australia, and I love to travel and will take any opportunity to pack the passports and take the family somewhere new.