Uber Promises to Create 1,000,000 New Jobs For Women

From Eventbrite.com

From Eventbrite.com

Women’s issues were promoted on all avenues of media every day this week, bringing awareness to gender equality. In the spirit of International Women’s Day on March 8, Uber announced that they are partnering with UN Women on a shared vision of women’s empowerment and equality globally.

Uber announced that: “As part of our commitment to this goal, Uber will create 1,000,000 jobs for women as drivers on the Uber platform by 2020.” Yes, you read that right! 1,000,000 new jobs for women in 5 years!


Although the job itself may not be glamorous, this opportunity from Uber will undoubtedly make a significant contribution in the lives of the women who pursue this prospect. Kudos to Uber for creating this great opportunity for women all over the world. These new jobs will make equitable earning opportunities available to 1,000,000 women by 2020. This will hopefully change one of the statistics in my last post, which said that since the 1995 UN meeting in Beijing, we have seen a 0% change in the gender gap in the global workforce.


Watch this video on YouTube that envisions this equality in the future:

I am definitely interested to see where this campaign is going and how they plan to achieve this goal!


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