The Exciting Thing that Happened for Women this Week

Given that Sunday March 8th was International Women’s Day, this week everyone was talking about the challenges facing women today and the hurdles that still lie ahead of us. In celebration on Sunday, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, through the Clinton Foundation, kicked off the Not There campaign. This campaign began trending as #NotThere on social media. Soon after, women began changing their profile pictures to a blank silhouette. The blank profile picture made a statement that the world is “not yet” there on gender equality, and it represented what the world would look like if women were not present or able to participate.

Not there

Tuesday morning, on the 20th anniversary of the 1995 UN meeting to initiate a plan for advancement of gender equality, the Clintons and Melinda Gates gathered to discuss their #NoCeilings Full Participation Report, which looks at our progress over the past 20 years and what we have yet to achieve. Here are some quick stats floating around social media today:


Clinton stated, “Here in the United States our view with Full Participation is that every young woman, anywhere and everywhere, will be able to fully participate in the life of her family, her community, her economy, her country, however she would want to.” I encourage you to take action and follow the daily calendar in March!

Take action

We still have a lot to accomplish, but hopefully this campaign will spark a sense of activism in all of us. Never before have we seen this much awareness on women’s issues in one week, especially with data that is so eye-opening and inspiring at the same time. What a great way to encourage women of all generations all over the world. Happy Women’s day, week and month!

More information can be found on the No Ceilings website:


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