5 Ways to Make Your Snow Day Productive

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Snowed in again?! Here are five productive tasks that will help you make the most of your day stuck inside.

  1. File Your TaxesOk sure, it may not be glamorous but what’s more productive than making some money while curled up with a blanket and cup of tea? Grab your W-2, bank, and insurance statements and get plugging. Don’t forget to account for your commuting and rent expenses to maximize your refund. Check out online services such as TurboTax and H&R Block that allow you to file online and even directly deposit your refund into your bank account.
  2. Clean Those MakeUp Brushes – Every day you run them across your beautiful skin but if they’re not clean you could be spreading germs and bacteria with every stroke of foundation. Check out Lip Gloss & Lunges’s brush cleaner recipe that uses ingredients you most likely already have.
  3. Give Your LinkedIn Profile A Makeover – Even if you are loving life in your current position it can’t hurt to make sure you’re professional first impression is looking it’s best. It is also a lot easier to describe your role while you’re in it as your day-to-day responsibilities are fresh on your mind. This is also a great time to reach out to co-workers past and present for recommendations as well.
  4. Expiration Date Binge – Let’s face it, city apartments are small and the kitchens are even smaller. Food expires faster than we think and it can be mind blowing how much space is wasted with expired boxes and bottles you’ll never end up consuming. Grab a trash bag and chuck anything with a past date. Don’t forget to check condiments, dry ingredients, and instant food too!
  5. Refresh Your Phone – It may be your right hand man all day ever day but it can still use a little pampering too. While you have the time (and the wifi) update apps to keep your phone running it’s best. Also, go through your contacts and update your favorites, ICE, and “don’t call after 3 cocktails” numbers to make yourself even more efficient. Update your lock and home screens too for a fun new look without any cost!
  6. Bonus Idea – Write about something you love for WiLab! We’re always looking for new writers and what better way to spend your snow day than expanding your repertoire and contributing great content? Find more details here.


Meghan McVeighI’m an account manager at Visible Measures and I love all things advertising. I received my BSBA from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business where I fell in love with Boston and its booming start up scene. When I’m not scouring the web for the latest innovating ad campaigns, I enjoys traveling, photography, and brunch.


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