Dove and Twitter Team Up to Address Hateful Tweets About Beauty on Oscar Night Will Women #SpeakBeautiful?

Can Dove help change what Coke couldn’t?

Coca-Cola didn’t have much success turning nasty tweets into nice ones as part of its Super Bowl campaign. But now, Dove—in partnership with Twitter itself—will try to do something similar during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

And perhaps most crucially, this effort—unlike Coke’s—won’t be automated.

The Dove/Twitter campaign is called #SpeakBeautiful, and it begins with a video posted online today that will air during the red-carpet coverage of Sunday’s Oscars (when Twitter is perhaps at its cattiest as the stars parade by in their designer outfits).

The ad is based around one disturbing statistic—that women posted more than 5 million negative tweets about beauty and body image (their own or someone else’s) last year. Here’s another stat from Dove that isn’t in the video: Only 9 percent of women admit to posting negative comments on social media.

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WILAB LOVES is a series of articles and blog posts from across the web that Women’s iLab supports. This article was written by Tim Nudd and published on on February 19, 2015.