3 Essentials to Hosting a Book Club

Last week I discussed how book clubs are thriving and ways in which you can start your own. Check out my post for tips on starting a book club of your own. If you took the initiative to gather a group of ladies together to meet for a book club and have assumed the role of ring leader of the group, now it is time to host a meeting. Whether this is your first time hosting a book club or you need to revamp your meetings, here are three essential elements you need for a successful night.

Photo from www.sarahbrydenbrown.com

Photo from www.sarahbrydenbrown.com

1. Locale

Consider hosting at your home or choose a restaurant or favorite happy hour spot to meet. If you choose to go out, as a courtesy it is nice to pick a locale that is central to your members. Keep in mind that the atmosphere should be conducive to having an ongoing discussion. You do not want to spend most of your night shouting at each other, especially if you are meeting new people for the first time.

2. Food & Beverage

If you host at home, a potluck is a good way to go. Most meetings take place on a weeknight and the last thing you want is to rush home from work to put in time at the stove. Provide a main course and ask each member to bring accompaniments. Or, if you plan to meet after dinner time, ask each member to bring a dessert or bottle of wine. Whichever route you take, what they bring will be a good conversation starter for those who have never met previously.

Photo from www.dirtyandthirty.com

Photo from www.dirtyandthirty.com

3. Discussion

The focal point of the night! There are a few ways to start the conversation. Due to book club trendiness, many books now provide discussion questions at the end of the novel so check to see if this is available. If not, you can check the author’s website for a discussion guide. When all else fails – Google it. You can also make a list of thought provoking questions as you read that you can use to lead your discussion. We also ask the following questions to get our conversation flowing: Who read? Who finished or could not get through? Did you like or dislike?

Book club is a great opportunity to meet new people and network with women in your city. It is a night out to unwind and engage in conversation with like-minded women. I am proof this is not a fad! From my previous article you know that my clubs have been meeting for years. Speak up, share your thoughts and have fun with this!


I am a born and raised California girl who grew up in Los Angeles. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in sunny San Diego, I planted roots with my new husband and French Bulldog puppy.  I hold a Master’s in Education and have spent a majority of my professional career in Higher Education. I enjoy traveling, learning, cooking, wine, Pilates, attending concerts and reading for both my book clubs.

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