Grammy Awards get real about DV awareness with Katy Perry

Just before an amazing, yet controversial performance by Katy Perry, President Obama appeared on TV screens across America speaking out about the “It’s On Us” campaign and domestic violence prevention. As we were all viewing one of the most watched award shows of the year, the unexpected and powerful message appeared, bringing attention to violence against women and how it needs to end. Obama specifically wanted this message broadcasted during the Grammys because he said “Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes”.

Obama believes that music helps change our culture, and in order to change our culture we need to stop violence against women and children. After Obama’s message, survivor and activist Brooke Axtell shared her story on stage just before Katy Perry sang a moving song, “By the Grace of God”. Brooke powerfully urged domestic violence victims to get help by saying, “I want you to know that you are worthy of love, please reach out for help, your voice will save you. Let it set you free to know who you truly are; valuable, beautiful, loved.”

Katy Perry takes the stage after moving speech by activist, Brooke Axtell.

Katy Perry takes the stage after moving speech by activist, Brooke Axtell

This surely gave me goosebumps. I think that what jolted me the most was was not expecting a message like that to come on during the Grammys. I am definitley glad it did though, because it means Obama and others want to reach a vast amount of people, and what better way to do so than during an award show on national tv? These broadcasts are getting people to act instead of wait for domestic violence to end.


Christine BerardinoI’m an advocate in law enforcement and am passionate about women’s rights advocacy. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 2011, with a dual major of Psychology and Justice Studies.

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