Call It Supper: How to Store Herbs

At Call It Supper, we are always looking for clever ways to prevent food waste. For our latest post, we’re hoping to help you save money by giving you tips on how to store fresh herbs so they last until you get inspired by the next recipe. 

FOOD TIP: Storing Fresh Herbs

We are sure you have been through it before: a recipe you are making calls for a teaspoon of a particular fresh herb, but your grocery store only sells it in bunches, so you buy it, make the recipe and throw the rest away later when you find it molding in the back of your fridge weeks later. We HATED having to waste herbs, so we figured out a better way to store them and tested it to make sure it was really better. Click here to learn more.
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Steps & Ingredients

  1. Trim the ends of your herbs.
  2. Place them in a mug with water and cover with a plastic bag.
  3. Take the whole contraption and stick in the fridge.



Sarah and Tori started Call It Supper because they believe that a meal is always a strategic decision—never to be wasted, and have a passion for inventing recipes. Call It Supper is focused on seasonal, fresh recipes that are inspired by their travels, favorite restaurants and meaningful experiences. The ingredient lists will always contain something that is best had in that season.
The two became friends at Bowdoin College, where they started hosting dinner parties together. Back then, it was six packs and hors d’oeuvres, but today they have taken things a few steps further in the kitchen.
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