#LikeAGirl 2015 Super Bowl Ad Sends a Powerful Message on Female Empowerment

Of the commercials aired during last night’s XLIX Super Bowl, the #LikeaGirl ad was one of the most powerful, taking the spotlight among other ads that attempted to pull at viewer’s heartstrings.

The storyline for the ad, made for Procter & Gamble Co.’s Always, the feminine products maker, showed people acting out the common insult “run like a girl” and “throw a ball like a girl.” Then it showed several young girls who haven’t reached the point where they think they can’t anymore, and they acted out running and throwing a ball. One girl said that running like a girl means ‘‘run as fast you can.’’

‘A girl’s confidence plummets during puberty,’’ the ad said. ‘‘But it doesn’t have to. Let’s make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things.’’

“When people watch the video, we know it changes their perception of the phrase ‘like a girl’ – and it makes a difference for girls’ confidence,” Fama Francisco, vice president of Global Always said in a statement. “We feel so strongly about this, that we’re now taking this message to a bigger stage, the Super Bowl, so even more people can join us to champion girls’ confidence and change the meaning of ‘like a girl’ from an insult into something positive and amazing.” (Excerpt taken from an article from the HuffingtonPost)

Here’s the ad that aired last night. You can watch the extended version, released last June, by clicking this link.




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