From A 90’s Lemonade Stand To A Thriving Cookie Business: The Journey Of One Female Entrepreneur

The year is 1999. My brother comes barreling down the street on a Razor scooter, with a Tupperware container of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies balancing precariously on the handlebars as I’m waving him on, motioning to the line forming.

We eagerly unload the cookies and bag them in packs of 5, rushing to accommodate the three-person line, our biggest crowd of the day. Three lemonades, fifteen cookies, and $4.50 in revenue later – we smile and sit back down on our red folding chairs, feeling accomplished.

Welcome to the Southfield Drive lemonade stand.

Unrivaled Classic

The Unrivaled Classic

Each spring, my brothers and I would have a lemonade stand at the end of our street. It was always a big production, as our 5, 9, and 12 year old selves woke up extra early to bake chocolate chip cookies and make lemonade with our mom. She would only allow us to sell these for 25 cents, so we’d bake the cookies fairly small, about the size of a silver dollar, and called them ‘two-bite cookies’. The cookies were a huge hit, and we’d sell hundreds of them in a day.

Fast forward fifteen years later, as I’m walking around Boston on a warm July day. I was craving a chocolate chip cookie like none other, so I started walking into cafes to find one.

The only cookies I could find throughout the city were massive, almost Frisbee sized, 700 calorie beasts of cookies. While it was tasty at the start, by half way through I was feeling sluggish, heavy, and overall —  just not great.

I thought back to those days at the Southfield Drive lemonade stand, and the delicious, fresh from the oven cookies we sold that everyone loved. When did these get replaced with the over-processed, giant cookies we see out in cafes and shops today?

Kitchen Millie was born. In November 2014, we started making never processed, always fresh two-bite cookies that taste delicious, but don’t give you that sluggish, guilty feeling. We have seven signature flavors at the moment, and are always taste-testing new ones.

From classic (like the ones from our Southfield Drive lemonade stand) to seasonal (like our Pretty in Pink for Valentine’s Day) to unique (like The Caramel Renegade), there’s a good mix of flavor and variety in each bite.

photo 1

Pretty in Pink batter


Since starting in November, we’ve sold at local markets, events, and have also been selling online ( — with more markets in the Boston area this spring.

It’s been very rewarding to see customers smile when they take a bite, and know that Kitchen Millie brought a bit more joy into their day!

I never dreamed when I was hustling with my brothers back in the 90’s that it would have led to Kitchen Millie fifteen years later, but I’m sure glad it did.

Check us out at! Use promo code ‘MILLIE’ to receive 15% off your first online purchase or visit us at SLAM in Davis Square on February 7th or Local Love on February 8th.

Stay tuned for more tasty offerings from Kitchen Millie this spring!


poppin colonel with bags

The Poppin’ Colonel



Michelle Wax headshot 2I am the founder of Kitchen Millie​, a Boston based two-bite cookie company and also work in the tech start up space. I love being around passionate, entrepreneurial people and am constantly amazed at how great the community is in Boston.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I love exploring Boston, kayaking, and early morning yoga classes. Along with being active, I loves baking cookies (of course!), trying out new beers around the city, and bagels.

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