Why The Time Is Now For Millennials in Boston

Applications for the 2015 ONEin3 Council are open to all Bostonians between the ages of 20-34 until Friday, January 23rd. Apply here now to become a part of their movement!

Chloe Ryan, ONEin3

Chloe Ryan, ONEin3

Most people start book clubs because they love to read, or because they enjoy an excuse to meet up with old friends once a month. Most people take public transportation because they don’t have a car, or because it’s easier than trying to find parking.  Luckily for Boston, Chloe Ryan isn’t ‘most people.’

The 27-year-old who has called Boston home the past 8 years is the manager of the innovative ONEin3 council and views things a little differently. She hears ‘book club’ and thinks what a great way to “put down roots and encourage long-term residency.” She rides the T recognizing how rare it is to be able to traverse one’s city with such ease. She walks Boston’s streets relishing the uniqueness of each neighborhood, grateful that there’s always something new to explore.

What truly makes Chloe Ryan stand out though? Her desire to know and connect our city on the deepest possible level. Hence; the reason we feel privileged to have her head the ever-important ONEin3 Boston program.


Researching ONEin3 this week gave me more insight to my hometown than I’d gained from 25 years of living. Did you know that more than one in every three Bostonians are between the ages of 20-34, making us home to the highest percent of young adults out of any major city in America? I certainly didn’t.

What you should know, however, is that the ONEin3 Initiative works to grow Boston in a sustainable way for young adults, while connecting millennials with resources, their neighborhoods, and with each other. In other words, Ryan and her team are actively making our lives richer everyday.

Managing ONEin3 Boston since 2012, Ryan feels more inspired by her city than ever.

There’s a certain energy in Boston that’s impossible to ignore.” She says. “From our efforts to make Boston more welcoming and diverse, to Mayor Walsh’s efforts to transform Boston into a 24-hour city, I am constantly watching the city evolve and transform in amazing ways.” 

When I asked Ryan to describe her decision-making process, her mantra was selfless and to the point:

How is this decision going help the City of Boston become a more welcoming, connected and hospitable place for young adults?”

The way she sees it – Where there’s a young adult, there’s an opportunity to connect and enhance. 

ONEin3 IMPACT in 2014

ONEin3 brought so much to the table in 2014 that I realized we might have been better off discussing what wasn’t done. Their accomplishments were astounding. Ultimately, having Ryan describe this past year was like asking a marathon runner to recall a [brief] list of all the places her feet touched ground in training. She was a good sport though: 

We offered opportunities for young adults to better understand and participate in decisions related to housing through ONEin3 HUBisHome House Party. We engaged with residents and visitors from all over the world through our ONEin3 Public Art Happinnes Project. We highlighted 20 amazing people and organizations, as well as connected young professionals with civic engagement opportunities through the ONEin3 Impact Awards. We financially contributed to many worthy organizations, including: Boston CANshare, Home for Little Wanderers, the Boys and Girls Clubs and others.”  


There is a lot coming up for the team in 2015 such as continuing conversations around Boston’s late night initiative (yes!), selecting and welcoming a brand new ONEin3 Council (meaning YOU) and increasing ONEin3’s presence outside of the downtown core.

The opportunity is NOW to become an integral part of Boston’s ONEin3 initiative. Applications are open until Friday, January 23rd for all to apply to join the 2015 Council. The ONEin3 Council is comprised of 25 engaged, active young adults who are committed to helping Boston be the best place possible for 20-34 year olds. Council members serve a one year term during which they work on projects dedicated to maximizing the positive impact we have on the City. Through collaboration with city departments and officials, the Council addresses the unique interests and needs of the constituency. Apply today!

Ryan says we can expect to see ONEin3 Boston everywhere,

but in the near term, we can be found at Loretta’s Last Call on January 29th for our Fenway Edition Neighborhood Night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.” 

To get involved and/or learn more about ONEin3 and sign up to receive e-mail updates, visit www.ONEin3Boston.com


Apply today to join the 2015 ONEin3 Council


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