Top 10 Hashtags for Social Activism in 2014

A way to create awareness for important issues is as simple as posting a hashtag on any social media site. As 2014 comes to an end, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and trending hashtags for social activism that went viral over the past year.

10) #whyistayed

In response to the Ray Rice controversy, Beverly Gooden created this hastag for domestic violence survivors to tell their stories.

Untitled19) #bringbackourgirls

Michelle Obama was seen holding a sign with this hasthag for the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Islamic militants.

8) #heforshe

Emma Watson launched the HeForShe campaign in which she addressed the UN and encouraged men to become feminists and fight for gender equality.

7) #yesallwomen

In the wake of the killing spree in California by Elliot Rogers who killed two women in front of a sorority house in Santa Barbara, this hashtag is for women to share their experiences of harassment, fear and sexual assault.

6) #iamliberiannotavirus

This hashtag was created to stop the stigma of Ebola and the growing predjudice against people from West Africa

5) #dudesgreetingdudes

An anti-harassment hashtag that uses humor to prove catcalling isn’t as innocent as just saying “hi” to women.

4) #nomore

You have probably seen this hashtag on TV commercials with major celebrities. It is a campaign focused on ending sexual assault and domestic violence.

3) #allmencan

Showing us that all men can be feminists too and speak out for women’s rights.

2) #icantbreathe

A very recent hashtag in response to the grand jury decision not to indict the white police officers responsible for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Protests involving thousands of people have broke out across the nation in the past few weeks.

Untitled21) #strikeoutALS

Across the whole world, this hashtag went viral for Pete Frates in his fight against ALS. The icebucket challenge absolutely dominated social media with more than 2.2 million shares on twitter. A portion of money that was raised has already gone to ALS research – talk about a hashtag having a massive impact on change (

Keep on #hashtagging WiLabers! You are creating more change than you think . . .


Christine Berardino

A I’m an advocate in law enforcement and am passionate about women’s rights advocacy. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 2011, with a dual major of Psychology and Justice Studies.

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