Work It Wednesday: 2 For 1

When shopping, my goal is to purchase pieces that can be worn for work and play. Of course, some things cannot be worn to the office. I mean, I wouldn’t stand out in a roomful of suits while wearing a sequin dress, would I? By picking up versatile pieces, I can stretch my shopping dollars; more bang for my buck; decrease cost per wear. Are you picking up what I am putting down? So on a recent trip to Banana Republic, I noticed this bold plaid shirt. But before picking it up, I did some mental outfit math to determine if I could wear it at least two different ways. The answer was a resounding yes. So in the ‘to buy’ pile it went. Which is your favorite style? (click on link for details).

For Work

Banana Republic_Loeffler Randall_cover

For Play

Prada_Banana Republic_Paige Denim_Dolce Vita (2)



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