Swipe Left or…Human Rights? Tinder Takes a Stand.

Tinder. Hate it or love it, we’ve all heard about it.

The popular dating app is both entertaining and yes, I will admit, fun to see potential dating matches in a matter of seconds. Recently though, Tinder is now serving a much more meaningful purpose other than just being what the 20something singles are doing. Tinder has partnered with a Dublin-based advertising agency EightyTwenty and the Immigrant Council to create awareness about the sex trafficking industry in Ireland.

Tinder CampaignFirst comes the picture of an attractive female, but as you continue to swipe through all of her pictures it turns into a message about trafficking victims that are abused and exploited. There is also a link at the end to Turn Off the Red Light, which is a campaign in Ireland. Their goal is to create public awareness about the dangers of prostitution and sex trafficking, and to lobby the Government to introduce legislation to end exploitation in the sex industry.

“This is the first use of Tinder in Ireland for a campaign of this nature and one of the first globally,” Cathal Gillen commented. “It provides us with a unique, innovative and stand out way of communicating to men the issues faced by women involved in sex trafficking.

While the campaign is misleading to Tinder users who are simply interested in finding potential match, I believe this campaign is a great way to society them thinking about the reality of the trafficking industry and prostitution.

What are your thoughts WiLab’ers?

Share your opinion in the comments! For more information on this and ways to help check out: http://www.turnofftheredlight.ie/about/.



Christine Berardino

I’m an advocate in law enforcement and am passionate about women’s rights advocacy. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire in 2011, with a dual major of Psychology and Justice Studies.

Boston, MA | @cberardino

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