Let me holla at that: excuse me? The Cat-Calling Dilemma

There is no beating around the bush (literally and figuratively) when stating that nearly every single female has been cat-called at least once.  I can’t lie when I say that some of them have made me chuckle at the expense of the female being targeted, but for the most part these cat-calls give me the creeps.  I also think its unfair to me because I never learned to whistle . . . I simply cannot reciprocate the endearing hollers myself and females receive from men back to those fellas on the corner.  I am forced to wonder if these alpha-males lingering on various sidewalks have ever had success with their skeevy pick-up line.  It is hard to resist responding to “Ooohhh, I like to watch you walk, but I LOVE to watch you leave,” does my stride in any manner convey to you that I want to bang?  Astonishingly, my friend didn’t respond to “You’re too cute not to be smilin’,” because nothing puts a smile on my face like a man, I don’t know, in broad daylight, on a street, trying to hit on me.  Honestly the biggest shocker is, “I gotta big d***,” it is mind-blowing that my friend Nicole could pass up the promise of a well endowed male who happens to right on the street corner, such convenience!!

Catcalling Image via The Feminist Wire

Catcalling Image via The Feminist Wire

Nothing makes me want to talk with you while out on the town more than when you approach me and my friends, noticeably up-down us and our outfits, smirk and attempt pure seduction with, “hey ladies, how YOU doing tonight?” Honestly, something is dropping in that exact moment and it definitely is not our panties (its our jaws, they’re dropping with laughter).  As we excuse ourselves to “get another drink,” and assure you that well be right back think about all of your actions in the past minute.  I just don’t understand how being blatantly checked out when I am with my friends is a compliment.  If anything it is probably one of the most awkward situations I could find myself in.  Basing off the idea that some males have regarding cat-calling and pick-up lines as compliments, typically it is uncomfortable and normally not a welcomed situation. So for your laugh of the day, check out the hashtag, #DudesGreetingDudes, because if it is just a compliment why can’t dudes do it to each other.

Started by comedian and funny-man Elon James White (@elonjames) to show that if it is just complementary why aren’t guys complimenting guys?  They deserve to get complimented on their body, clothes, smile and hair just as much as us females are “complimented.”  Think of the hilarity of a female solo approaching a group of guys, doing the same actions and biting her lip and sensually saying, “Hey fellas, how YOU doing tonight?”  Most likely, it would not happen but even funnier, a straight male approaching a group of straight males, all hell would break loose and I’m sure there would be a lawsuit.  Comical now thinking about it, why is it that some males (definitely not all males, many have manners and respect) think that this is an appropriate way of communicating with females, through these “compliments.”

I find Twitter campaigns to be the best thing since sliced bread.  Twitter is the world’s social media diary and there are some funny humans in our world and a lot of them are on Twitter.  Most of these funny humans are taking a liking to #DudesGreetingDudes and here my friends hilarity ensues.  The goal of #DudesGreetingDudes is to demonstrate if these cat-calls are simply compliments as many are under the impression that they are.  However, it is beginning to be recognized that some of the things said to females would not be well received if they were said to males, or in this case “dudes.”

I truly lost it when I read the tweets from various twitter users, some of them just being too funny not to retweet. The concept of #DudesGreetingDudes one of a kind demonstrating not only how ridiculous some of the cat-calling pick-up lines are but how they would be taken in a totally different manner were it for men talking to men. Mainly it would be taken in a different manner because men wouldn’t talk to other men like that. Compliment or not, men would most likely not communicate amongst each other while walking down a street.  But when a female is walking down a street, you must talk to her because I am totally sure that she wants to hear what you have to say.

Now, I am not saying to not approach someone on the street to strike up a conversation.  I would not have a lot of the friends I do today if I didn’t start a conversation with them in class, in the hallways or in line waiting for a coffee, but I am saying there are standards.  You should not say anything to another person that would make you uncomfortable if someone said it to yourself.  If you would not like to be told that “I have a big d**k” by a random passerby, I am most positive that you should not be saying it to females passing by.  If you do compliment me and sincerely mean it I am sure that myself and other females will receptive to this.  However, there is a big difference between genuinely complementing someone in passing, “I love your shirt, it looks great on you,”  compared to “I love your shirt, it would look better on my floor.”  Maybe if the cat-callers started to use a little more common sense on how to compliment or communicate with a female, maybe just maybe they would have a little better luck and wouldn’t have to resort to cat-calling.

If you want a good laugh, check out my favorite tweets from #DudesGreetingDudes. . . I love funny Twitter users!

And the Tweet that validates the entire premise of #DudesGreetingDudes


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