Question for Fall of 2014: iPhone or Samsung?

After asking this same question just last week, I have gained some knowledge on the two. I warn you now, I have had the iPhone, so I was used to Apple. One thing I thought I knew was that the general population had Apple, and all “techies” had Androids. I met a techy today that had an iPhone….

If you post that question on Facebook now, most people are leaning towards Samsung/Android because it has the ability to do more than the iPhone. Hopefully this comparison gives you a better idea on what phone works better for you.

The iPhone is like a perfect house with the perfect appliances. Everything works because Apple has created a system that works. The only bad thing is that you cannot redesign the house or change the appliances. Apple created its own world, and if you have Apple products, you operate in their world. The iPhone is known for its simplicity.

The Samsung phones give you a desert with all the tools you need; now you can build whatever house you want. This is mainly why most “techies” like the android operating system because they can create their own perfect phone. Samsung is good for creativity.

In conclusion, if you want simple/get the job done fast, get the iPhone 6/6 Plus. If you want to create your own perfect phone/have time to learn everything a phone can do, get the Samsung. I personally got the iPhone 6 in the end, and it has been working wonderfully for me. I just have to get used to the larger screen coming from the iPhone 4S.

Journey on,

Steph Tee


Steph TeeSteph Tee is a Senior Director at Nerium International, a biotech skincare company that develops revolutionary products. She was a Massachusetts State Champion Waterskier from 2005-2012, UNH Tennis Team Captain, and graduated from UNH with a Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology & Sport Studies in 2012. Steph has been featured in Young Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Success from Home. She loves being involved in the community and runs her own blog called Smile and Shine which showcases companies and people that are doing good in the world and giving back.
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