#WorkitWednesday with Trendy On A Budget: What’s In My Closet?

Gap_JCrew_The Limited_Anthropologie_coverThere’s nothing new to showcase in this post. Instead, I decided to work with what I already have. There are plenty of pieces in my closet that I would categorize as an ‘oldie but goodie.’ With each wear, I try to make it new again by mixing it with other pieces to create a different outfit. With the number of tops, pants and skirts, the combinations are endless. You just gotta let your creativity work and you might be surprised with what you come up with. It’s like shopping right from you closet, without dropping a penny. How much more budget-y can one get?

I love playing with prints, even if it is subtle. Here, I mixed it up with stripes and an ever so slight geometric pattern in my tights. Tights are an easy way to add some print (or color) to any outfit. It’s actually one of my fave Fall/Winter accessories and I have a drawful to prove it. For some warmth and texture, this long cable-knit cardi did the trick. Belted, of course, to give myself some shape! I could’ve easily thrown on a knitted sweater, transforming the shirt-dress into a ‘skirt’. OR I could have belted the dress with a blazer. See where I am going with this?

So here’s my challenge to you: go through that wardrobe and start mixing things up!

For additional outfit details and photos, head on over to Trendy On A Budget!



Linda, Trendy On A Budget

Linda, Trendy On A Budget

Linda is a thirty-something Boston-based blogger behind Trendy On A Budget. With a career in financial services, she spends most of her days in a professional and conservative environment.  With the encouragement of her closest friends, she started Trendy On A Budget in 2013 as a creative outlet for one of her passions: fashion. Linda loves fashion. But she loves it even more when she finds a great a deal. Her goal with Trendy On A Budget is to make finding those deals easy and to prove that looking good shouldn’t cost that much!”

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