Women’s iStudio Week 2: Workday Commute

As Ryan Reynolds states in the opening scene of Definitely, Maybe. “it’s a great feeling when you find the right track to go with the day”. We here at Women’s iLab 100% agree with Mr. Reynolds, which is why we would like to share our favorite songs for the Workday Commute for week two of Women’s iStudio.

We hope to brighten your morning commute this week so you are ready to take on the day!
[spotify id=”spotify:user:1257693762:playlist:1oRRLxT4rhCO8GzF4yeC1z” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
In case you missed last week’s Women’s iStudio The Rise of the Twenty-Something Artist, check out the entire Women’s iStudio playlist below:  
[spotify id=”spotify:user:1257693762:playlist:55Aw2KtZDUzBh2lUxVL9lz” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]


Allison SebulskyAllison Sebulsky is an Account Executive at Visible Measures in New York City, where she recently celebrated her three-year work anniversary. Allison joined Visible Measures’ Analytics department in 2011 in the Boston HQ and moved to New York City in May 2014 to join the Sales department as an Account Manager. Allison’s passion for music and movement stems from her dance and musical theater background, including a B.A. from Connecticut College in Dance and English.
What’s Been Inspiring Allison?: I think there is a song for every occasion and one should never underestimate the power of a great playlist to put you in the perfect mood. I hope to brighten your day each week with Women’s iStudio by sharing some of my favorite and inspiring songs fit for any occasion!
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