Think you need an MBA to start a company? Not anymore.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on entrepreneurs looking to alternatives to MBA programs as their primary method of education while they get their businesses off the ground. It seems that these alternative education models are popping up everywhere, and for good reason. They are proving effective for people who don’t have the means to invest two years and upwards of $60,000 to get an MBA. General Assembly, which has a 10-week “Business Fundamentals & Tactics” course that teaches financial modeling, market analysis, and problem solving techniques, offers a less expensive, faster way to an education found at a traditional MBA program.

For those who are interested in these alternative education programs, here are four schools offered across the country to get you started.

General Assembly


Locations: Worldwide, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Programs: Immersive 12-week program, 10-week part time program, workshops, bootcamps, short classes and online classes.

Learn: Product Management, User Experience Design, Web Development, Business Fundamentals, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Development

Cost: Range from $35 for a one-hour class to the Web Development Immersive for $11,500

Starter School


Location: Chicago

Program: 9-month full time program

Learn: Technology, Design, and Business to build software and launch companies.

Cost: Tuition is $36,000

Startup Institute


Locations: Worldwide, including New York, Boston, and Chicago

Programs: Full time 8-week core program and part time flexible program

Learn: Product Design, Web Development, Technical Marketing, Sales & Account Management

Cost: From $550 for the part time program to $5,250 for the full time NYC program

The Flatiron School


Location: New York City

Programs: Web Immersive, IOS Immersive, Night and Weekend Part Time

Learn: Web Development

Cost: $3,500 for a 10-week front-end web development night course to a full time 12-week web immersive for $12,000



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