Supporting Women in Entertainment: Whiskey Boys Competing to Win Project Greenlight

Whiskey Poster Final

With the emergence of more female representation within the entertainment industry, it is exciting to see so many of the incredible women participating in the Project Greenlight competition, both as actresses and directors. It is inspiring to see so many first-time directors take their hand at creating a three minute video with the hopes to have their passion project produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, to become a feature film.

What is Project Greenlight?

Project Greenlight is an HBO documentary series, executive-produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Starting with the digital competition (VOTING ENDS TODAY at MIDNIGHT!), it follows a first-time director through the process of creating a film. It will feature all of the behind the scenes and raw footage that happens through pre-production, casting, principal photography and post-production. Armed with a Hollywood scripts and resources, partnered with entertainment industry experts, the winning director will be featured about all the ups and downs that happen through the film making process!


Women’s iLab recently had the opportunity to chat with Cate Carson, co-director of Whiskey Boys, and she shared with us her story about diving into the film industry. It is inspiring to see an incredible woman from the military pursue her dream, while also helping young women pursue their dream of becoming actresses! We love seeing a strong female presence with the young and spunky new actress Maggie Woods featured in the Whiskey Boys film. Through speaking with Cate and the Whiskey Boys team, they have become a family by working together on set together and it is this type of support that comes through in this fun-loving film.


Co-Director Cate Carson

How did you get into film? And have you always been in film?

We got into film in 2011 – I had returned to acting after the military and decided I wanted to create more opportunities in the New England area; my husband joined me in our love for film after that.

Do you find that Film is a male-dominated industry?

There are certainly more women taking to producing and directing roles, but there is still a large gap in gender – and fewer paid opportunities

What was your inspiration for the film?

We wanted something that appealed to a wide audience and was fun, but also showing a few different genres – and we had never worked with kids before, so decided to try something new!. It is certainly inspired by films like Stand by Me, the Goonies, and other childhood favorites


Cate Carson (Director), Maggie Woods (Actress), Justin Plasse (Director)

 We love that you feature young female stars, how did you find this incredible cast?

Our casting director, Richard C. Bailey did a great job bringing in all the kids for us to audition- it was a hard decision but we were incredibly lucky.

What’s next for Whiskey Boys? Why should viewers support voting for the film? 

Whiskey Boys is in the running for HBO’s Project Greenlight’s TOP 10. If selected, we would make another film and meet with the studio execs to have a shot at directing a studio level film with the Project Greenlight team!

 Any advice for future girls and women who are interested in breaking into the film industry?

Yes – DO IT- get out there and just start doing it; don’t wait for anyone to give you an opportunity – learn, choose good mentors, make your own projects, establish a good reputation and keep pushing because you CAN be successful. Right now there is a large movement for gender equality in the film industry, being backed by known actors and filmmakers. Check out Bechdel Test – it really sheds some light on how things really stand!

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GOOD LUCK TO ALL PROJECT GREENLIGHT COMPETITORS! Thank you Cate and Whiskey Boys team for sharing your story with Women’s iLab!



Starring: Charlie Tacker, Robbie Reid, Austin Ryan, Alex Dhima, Maggie Woods, Richard Bailey, Kim Wilson, Mark Plasse

Directed By: Cate Carson and Justin Plasse