Call It Supper: Chive, Asiago and Mustard Seed Pretzels for Oktoberfest

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” (Virgina Woolf)

At Call It Supper  this Friday, we are sharing a recipe that we created in honor of Oktoberfest—which, kicked-off last Saturday and will go into next weekend in Munich—Chive, Asiago and Mustard Seed Pretzels. We know pretzels from scratch sounds daunting, we promise that these will be talk of your party and help you stave off that hangover.

RECIPE: Chive, Asiago and Mustard Seed Pretzels

Recently, I came across Alton Brown’s Homemade Soft Pretzel Recipe and made them for my fiance’s birthday party—the theme was quintessential German (or at least what Americans think of German): beer, sausage and of course, pretzels. After that successful attempt, I thought I would re-create them in honor of Oktoberfest, but with chive, asiago and mustard seeds.

Chive, Asiago and Mustard Pretzels

Steps & Ingredients

  1. Make the dough for the pretzels and let it proof.
  2. Stretch out the dough and add chives, asiago cheese, and mustard seeds.
  3. Boil, bake, beer-yourself and enjoy!  Click to continue reading full recipe & ingredients list



Sarah and Tori started Call It Supper because they believe that a meal is always a strategic decision—never to be wasted, and have a passion for inventing recipes. Call It Supper is focused on seasonal, fresh recipes that are inspired by their travels, favorite restaurants and meaningful experiences. The ingredient lists will always contain something that is best had in that season.
The two became friends at Bowdoin College, where they started hosting dinner parties together. Back then, it was six packs and hors d’oeuvres, but today they have taken things a few steps further in the kitchen.
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