A Day In The Life Of A Young Woman In Digital

One of the great things I’ve learned about the innovation community? There are so many of us that crave learning, love to understand the experiences of others, and have a desire to connect in new and unique ways every day.

As an Account Executive for Streetwise Media (BostInno, Chicago Inno, & InTheCapital), working in the digital media industry has brought me to new places: Women’s iLab (of course), as well as Young Women in Digital (YWD). Young Women in Digital (YWD) is a networking group for professionals working, or interested in working in digital marketing, social media, experiential and online marketing. In just a short time, both of these separate but fantastic groups has started opening so many doors for me to explore outside of my normal day-to-day.

Most recently I was actually able to share that normal day through the lens of YWD’s Instagram in a day-long “takeover!” While I never thought I’d be writing about a day in my own life, I found it incredibly interesting toto interact with different YWD women throughout the day, see how we relate and even cross paths in ways I may not have otherwise known, and to think about how my norm might look to others. Now, let me share with you a little bit about what my #YWDLife day-in-the-life looked like as an Account Executive with BostInno!

9:00am (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Welcome to the start of my day! I’ve been an Account Executive at the digital media and events company BostInno since January and absolutely love getting to walk through Faneuil every day (even if it is overrun with tourists sometimes – it’s part of its charm, right? Okay, maybe not…).1 faneiul

9:30am: Mandatory coffee break (fun fact: I actually usually get tea!) – I try to get through the beginning of the day sans-caffeine, but usually cave pretty quickly and today was no different. Some days I do make it through though and feel pretty accomplished at staying awake and focused on my own. Think you could last?

10:30am (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Today was a little different than my normal day, but new things are always coming up – especially in a town as great as Boston. Today, it was getting to catch a couple of breakout sessions at the last day of FutureM/Inbound at the BCEC.

2 inbound

12:30pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Another special treat today: a FREE food truck lunch (tacos for me – yum!) and the super cool swings at the Lawn On D. If you haven’t checked this new park out, I highly recommend it; the swings light up at night based on movement, so I’d go after sunset if you have the option! It’s an awesome space any time of day, though, and was definitely a great place to snag lunch and hang out. There are also tons of lawn games and tons of space to really do whatever you might want. Definitely a new favorite spot in town.

3 food truck

1:30pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Okay, so here’s what a lot of my normal days usually look a little more like. I hang out at my desk or in one of our conference rooms (like this one!) while I talk to awesome companies across a ton of industries in Boston, DC and Chicago. It’s my job to help us connect or reconnect to companies in each city that want to reach an influential community of leaders, decision makers and professionals (AKA you guys). This involves emails, calls and in-person meetings, as well as brainstorming sessions with my team to help present companies with the best ideas that match their brands and our events/services.

4 desk

2:00pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Oh, just time to day-dream about being a judge on Dancing With The Stars after my mini-vacation earlier this week, where I got to jet off to LOS ANGELES for 30 totally insane hours. How did that happen? Well, Good Morning America took over Faneuil Hall, my fabulous co-worker (and Marketing Director) Liz got randomly selected to be in a dance-off, and won. The prize? Round-trip airfare and a 5-star hotel stay in Beverly Hills to attend the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars – no big deal, really. Just kidding, it was unbelievable.

5 dwts

3:00pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): Back to reality though – my next adventure of the day was tagging along with our Event Coordinator, Maggie, while she took some measurements of The Club by George Foreman III, the location of our upcoming BosFit event. It got me pretty excited for the event, which I help sell event sponsorships for and is looking pretty awesome.

6 foreman

3:30pm: This is around that time where I try to get through the 2pm/3pm slump of the day, and inevitably give in (you might notice a theme here). Sometimes that means grabbing a snack at Tedeschi’s, sometimes it means a second caffeinated beverage – but it definitely means stretching my legs and getting some fresh air either way. It’s important to give yourself a little breather throughout the day! What do you do to get away from your desk and clear your head?

4:00pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): PayPal founder Peter Thiel stopped by the office to talk to some of our editorial staff, and even signed a copy of his new book, Zero To One, for them. His comments on our office? PayPal had exposed brick back in the 1980’s when it started, too! Maybe that’s the secret to a successful startup!

7 thiel

5:30pm (Instagram on @YWDBoston): It’s no secret that a mantra throughout the start-up community is “work hard, play hard” and it’s no different for us. Some games of PIG tend to pickup throughout the day as a break, and rounds of cornhole make an appearance closer to the day’s end. And, of course, you can’t forget the ice cold beer… Some other things we do to wind down? 28 of us are playing Fantasy Football together (that’s most of our office, split into 2 conferences), and our sports writer, Hayden, usually provides some solid advice around Thursdays for everyone. Sometimes we even have a dog (or two!) in the office.

8 bostinno

So, that’s what a day in the life of BostInno looks like for me! What elements make up your unique day? Comment and/or tweet at us at @womensilab @nicniss and let everyone know something fun about your days!


NNiss HeadshotNicole Niss originally hails from the NYC suburbs. She came to Boston to get her BA in Organizational Communication from Northeastern University, where she fell head over heels for the city of Boston and never left. Now an Account Executive for Streetwise Media (BostInno, Chicago Inno, & InTheCapital), she formerly headed up Field Marketing in the New England Region for OtterBox. She loves getting to help connect such a vibrant entrepreneurial community across industries. Besides Boston, her passions include photography, writing, brunch (especially bacon), and meeting new people.
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