Top 5 Nail Colors for the Summer

Summer is the time to explore and show off a pop of color! You can be daring with neon or chic with a nude. Whether it be for everyday at the office, a big event coming up, or just sitting back and soaking the sun, maximize your nail color for the next couple of weeks with my top 5 colors for the summer:

 #5 Fiery Coral

Suggested color: Essie Geranium, OPI Cajun Shrimp, MiniLuxe Cape Cod Sunset

This should be your go-to color if you can’t decide. It looks awesome on everyone and everything. Heat things up with this hot nail color!


 Suggested Colors: MiniLuxe Green Line, Essie Mint Candy Apple

Okay, so this is last year’s awesome color, but it will always be so cool to wear. Mint is cool and calming – definitely what you need for those warm summer nights.

#3 ELECTRIC BLUEelectric blue

Suggested Colors: Essie Butler Please

This is a one-of-a-kind nail color that will get things moving! It’s fun and shows a bit of your wild side.

#2 BRIGHT CANARY YELLOW 2709535afbcbb41550c055877e2f81e8

Suggested Colors: Zoya Pippa

This is one of my absolute favorites for those who want something a little more daring. Yellow is an attitude and I adore it because it demands attention. Definitely a conversation starter. “OMG I LOVE your nails!” Why, thank you.


Suggested Colors: Essie Blanc, OPI Alpine Snow

I especially love white manicures for the summer because 1) it makes you look classy, 2) super chic, and 3) CLEAN! Clean looks are always the best because they are fitting in any given situation.



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