Making Our Difference in the World #GivingBack #TaraHelpsCambodia


Ladies of the iLab are going on a special social mission trip to make our difference in the world. I am leading a mission this month to build the orphanage communities of rural Cambodia through the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation and Feeding Starving People.

As many of our readers and contributors are advancing in our professional careers, we often need a reminder to take the time to remind ourselves of what truly matters to us and to be grateful for all of the amazing things that we have been fortunate to have in our own lives. My great-grandfather was an orphan in China and had dedicated his life to providing an education to orphans around the world and we are honored to be able to contribute my small piece with Women’s iLab!

We are one phase of a much larger program that is dedicated to building a sustainable community among these orphanages in Cambodia. We will be helping to recruit teachers, volunteers and community workers to travel out of central Phnom Penh to work at the rural orphanages. We will also be focused on building an education and healthcare structure for the community where many members are disabled children, malnutrition children, families affected by HIV/AIDS and disabled older adults who are unable to support themselves.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity of an education and it is our education that has created the opportunity that we have been so fortunate to have.  Providing the orphanage with basic needs and recruiting local support for the orphanage, it will become self-sustainable, it will thrive, and it will allow these orphans to pave a path for a great future.


$80 can allow a child to go to a local community education group for 6 months.$350 can send a child to school for a year.

$100 can feed over 50 children dinner in Cambodia.

$160 can feed a starving family of 4 for an entire month.

$350 can send a child to school for a year.

40% of children are unable to go to school because they are forced to work, beg and support their family.

Every $1 goes a long way to change lives and we are excited to spend time personally learning more about what we can do to make a better future for the orphanages in Cambodia.

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Join us at Women’s iLab Boston launch party Friday, June 27th to support our social mission with all proceeds going to the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation and Feeding Starving People.

Special thanks to all of our supporters, coworkers, employers, sponsors and partners!